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The Rivista di Psicoanalisi is the official journal of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society: it was founded by Edoardo Weiss, and the first number appeared in 1932. Shut down during the Fascist years, it resumed publication in 1954-5 without further interruptions.

The objective of the Rivista is to provide a continual update on topics of psychoanalytic research and to extend its readers’ literary panorama into the international field by featuring contributions from foreign authors. Readers are offered the most up to date and significant contributions to psychoanalysis in the Freudian tradition, with close attention being paid to current developments in theoretical thinking and contemporary clinical practice, both in relation to the psychoanalysis of adults and of children and adolescents. It is published quarterly and is organised into distinct sections.

One section is devoted to original works of a theoretical-clinical character. The articles, by both Italian and foreign authors, are submitted to a process of peer-review (see the rules for peer-review) before being published.

The “Focus” section offers discussion and detailed study of a specific topic chosen by the Editor in partnership with the Editorial Board: contributions are requested ad hoc from Italian colleagues and foreign experts in the subject, and are discussed by colleagues from different theoretical backgrounds. Other sections of the Rivista are, “Historical-critical notes”; “Crossroads”, which discusses clinical material and is aimed at highlighting various therapeutic factors implicit in treatment; “Interdisciplinary studies”, a space for comparison between related disciplines (attachment theory, neurosciences, empirical research, etc.); “Debates” on subjects within psychoanalytic theory and practice which are current subjects of discussion and updating. The section entitled “Focus” changes with each number, while the others run through the year. Each number includes a “Reviews” section devoted to news about books and other writings of scientific interest, and “Bulletins” which update readers about Conferences and events both in Italy and abroad. One number each year is a monograph devoted to a specific topic.

Each year a selection of the most significant work published during the previous year comes out in English with the aim of fostering the reading of Italian work by foreign colleagues.

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