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Unconscious / unconsciouses: a reflective note

Unconscious / unconsciouses: a reflective note

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The evolution of the concept of the unconscious is described from its origin to the present days and the changes in its conception that have made it possible to abandon a static representation of it and observe its interpersonal development. A more primitive domain of the unconscious, to which Winnicott refers when speaking of formless states and non-integration, is the current frontier of our studies. Two clinical cases are discussed.
KEYWORDS: Creative unconscious, function of the unconscious, psychic functioning, receptive unconscious, unconscious.

Author biography

Anna Maria Nicolò

Anna Maria Nicolò, neuropsichiatra infantile, è presidente della Società psicoanalitica italiana (SPI) e membro dell’International Psychoanalytical Association. Nelle nostre edizioni ha pubblicato Rotture evolutive (2021)

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