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Hidden unconscious, buried unconscious, implicit unconscious

Hidden unconscious, buried unconscious, implicit unconscious

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The current extension of the concept of the Unconscious to different levels, configurations and functioning of the mind is the result of decades of collective reflection on the clinic as well as on theory. Analysts today have a broader, more refined and complex knowledge of defensive and transformative processes, and this has also led to an evolution in technique. The paper presents a combination of psychoanalytic theory and technique through two clinical cases that present complex articulations of spurious unconscious functional areas and modalities, alternately repressed and not repressed.
KEY WORDS: Central self, experiential self, integration, removal, sharing, splitting.


Author biography

Stefano Bolognini

Stefano Bolognini, psichiatra e psico-analista, è stato segretario scientifico e presidente della Società psicoanalitica italiana, e presidente della International Psychoanalytical Association. È fondatore e chair dell’Inter-Regional Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychoanalysis. Svolge un’intensa attività come conferenziere anche nell’interscambio tra la psico-analisi e altre aree culturali e scientifiche. Tra le sue pubblicazioni L’empatia psicoanalitica (Bollati Boringhieri 2002).

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